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Create your dream vacation destination with Primavera Dreams and That’s Marina

 Primavera Dreams and That’s Marina story

The collaboration between Primavera Dreams and That's Marina emerges as a seamless union of expertise and passion. Their expertise in luxury event management and unparalleled access to exclusive venues along Italy's stunning coastlines provide the perfect canvas for crafting extraordinary wedding celebrations.

Together, That's Marina and Primavera Dreams form a dynamic partnership dedicated to creating bespoke wedding experiences that transcend the ordinary. From intimate gatherings in charming Italian villas to lavish affairs overlooking the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast and Capri, their collaborative efforts ensure that each wedding is a true reflection of the couple's love story, dreams, and romance of la dolce vita.

Wedding Planning and full accommodation Packages

We aim to create a unique and memorable event for every couple, so the pricing may vary, as there is no cookie-cutter scenario. We offer various types of Wedding Packages and à-la-carte services, fully customizable to reflect each couple's needs:

1. Full-Service Wedding Planning
2. Partial Wedding Planning
3. Wedding Day Management Service (subject to availability)
4. À-la-carte Services
5. Guest accommodations
6. Honeymoons
7. Vacation Planning
8. Wedding and honeymoon packages to reflect each couple's needs

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